martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

Dos cartas a Borges

Novembrie 1961

Qerido senior Borgess, habiendo leido in translaciones sus superbas cortas historias, yo hasta ora sabe usted mas 20 anyos atras hacio hispaniola version The Wild Palms. Mucho buena, todos diciendo. Soy proudo y gratefulo por haber un translador como tu. With my very best wishes, amigo de usted,

Bill Faulkner.


Havana, March 13, 1950
Borge Luis Jorges
Buenos Aires, Brazil

Dear Jorges, my Cuban friend Lino Calvo gave me The Aleph, here in El Floridita, el Catedral del Daiquiri. Sure, dammed good book. They are saying around you are the best writer in Spanish, but you can kiss my ass and you never hit a ball out of the infield in your life.
     You took LITERATURE too solemnly. You discovered life late. You come down down here and fight for free with an old character like me, who is fifty years old and weighs 209 and thinks you are a shit, Jorges, and would knock you in your ass.
     Viva El Torre Blanco.
     Yours sincerely, 


Ernest Hemingway 

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